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Alma man with ambitious rap sheet headed up the river with ten years in plea deal cargo

A 44-year-old Alma man arrest on seven separate felony charges in March drew multiple ten-year sentences with five years suspended--with all terms set to run concurrently--after a plea deal in Sebastian County Circuit Court on Wednesday.

According to court records, Ryan Lee Archer of Alma, who is well known to authorities in both Crawford and Sebastian counties with a long and varied rap sheet, was sentenced as a Habitual Offender on six Class D and one Class C felonies,

During his arrest on March 18 of this year, Archer was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, two counts of Theft by Receiving, two counts of Theft of Property and one count of Felony Criminal Mischief. Two other individuals, both sill awaiting trial, were arrested along with Archer and as part of his plea deal h agreed to not to exonerate his partners i crime.

As part of the deal, a Parole Violation was withdrawn and he will be required to provife a DNA sample and pay court costs of $150. His sentences were also set to run concurrently with exisiting terms out of Crawford County.

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