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Yet another story emerges about something lurking in the woods (graphic details)

(Editor's note: When we ran our first Bigfoot story last week, we publicly stated that Today in Fort Smith was not going to become a website about cryptozoology and things that go bump in the night. However, there seems to be a lot of interest (and sightings) in the area and this latest story, however fantastic, comes from a local couple who are totally sincere about their experience.

We proffer no opinion as to the existence of Bigfoot or the validity of this encounter. But we can say this. Something happened to this couple in the Ozark National Forest and they have nothing to gain by sharing their story.)

Fort Smith native, "Ellen" described a compelling and frightening Bigfoot encounter in the Ozark National Forest near Campbell Cemetery on Tuesday night.

Ellen and her husband "Robert" hiked to a secluded area to camp where the nearest campers were miles away.

According to Ellen, she and "Robert" were alarmed when they heard a long human, yet animal-like, growl that penetrated the air from the trees behind their tent.

“The growl was very close to us – and it sounded like something had found its dinner,” said Ellen.

A few minutes later, the growl grew closer – all the time coming from the tree line behind their campsite.

“Our dogs whimpered and cowered down by the tent. It was frightening. All we could do is take the dogs and get inside of the tent.”

“We didn’t head out to camp so we could find Bigfoot,” Ellen said. “I have never even believed in Bigfoot.”

Robert said the growls surrounded the tent and continued for the next hour, all coming from the tree line behind their campsite.

“We decided to mimic the growls and that’s when the creatures turned aggressive.”

This creature began throwing large rocks and small trees near the frightened campers’ tent.

“We decided to let our dogs loose in hopes they would chase away whatever was out in those trees,” Robert explained.

“It was the biggest mistake of our lives,” Ellen sobbed.

Within minutes of the dogs leaving the tent and running toward the tree line, the dogs each let out a horrendous sound.

“It was the worst sound we ever heard,” said Robert.

After the dogs let out the horrendous sounds – described as pain and suffering – the barking went quiet. And that’s when it happened.

“We couldn’t hear the dogs anymore but the creature(s) were still out there,” said Ellen. “They began throwing something else at our tent – pieces of our dogs.”

The dogs, according to Robert and Ellen, had been ripped to shreds.

“We didn’t know what to do. Once we saw what this creature did to the dogs, we took off running from the campsite. We left our tent, our gear, and what was left of our dogs,” said Robert.

“I am positive our camping gear and everything is still right where we left it,” he said. We are never going back to that place.”

Ellen wept quietly as Robert recounted their horrific tale.

“We had those dogs for years,” she said. “They were our family.”

Robert and Ellen agreed they had to come forward with their story after they read the recent story about Bigfoot being spotted near Campbell Cemetery.

“We realize people might think we are crazy, but I don’t care. We know what happened. And we left evidence of what happened that night,” Robert said.

Bigfoot - or some kind of a creature – lives out there in the Ozark National Forest, the couple agreed.

“We are now believers.”

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Aug 22, 2020

Пиндосы реально полные дебилы если верят в такую хуету


Aug 22, 2020

Хуйня на постном масле !!!


Aug 22, 2020


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