• Dennis McCaslin

Yet another revolving door felon back in jail for Sexual Assault in the Second Degree charge

James Steven Franklin

A 42-year-old convicted felon with obvious anger management issued and a low disregard for women in general finds himself back behind bars after being arrested Saturday of Sexual Assault in the Second Degree.

James Steven Franklin, who was sentenced to a total of 72 months in November of 2018 for Aggravated Assault and Criminal Mischief but was already out on parole after less that two-and-a-half years thanks to our liberal sentencing system, also faces a Parole Violation hearing. He was allowed a negotiated plea on both of those charges

He remains jailed currently on a $10,000 bond.

Among other past arrest, Franklin was also charged with Rape along with nine other felony counts in 2016. That arrest saw him also charged with domestic battery, terroristic threatening, criminal mischief, simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, felon i possession of a firearm, possession of drug paraphernalia and three counts of possession of a controlled substance.

After nearly two and a half years of court wrangling, Franklin was sentenced to a total of 192 months (three 60-month terms and a 12-month term to be served consecutively) but the Rape charge against him was not prosecuted as part of the deal. he committed those crimes while awaiting trial for the crimes listed in the second paragraph of this story.

He was also the subject of two Orders of Protection filed by the same woman in 2017, but both were later dropped by the petitioner.

Franklin is scheduled to appear in Washington County Circuit Court on March 8 to answer to his current charges.

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