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Woman with multiple drugs convictions sent to prison for 35-years on methamphetamine chages

A 35-year-old Fort Smith women drew a 35-year sentence in the Arkansas department of corrections today after two counts were merge into one for Possession of Schedule I/II drugs with Purpose to Deliver.

Tiffanie Naly Sayvongsa, whose last address with the court was in the 4200 block of Howell Avenue in Fort Smith, agree to a plea deal in open court on Wednesday after prosecutors merged to possession counts into one and selected to not prosecute two petitions to revoke.

Sayvongsa was arrested on the original charges May 2, 2022 by the Fort Smith Police Department. That arrest also triggered a parole violation from previous convictions.

She has numerous convictions dating all the way back 2009 for various drug-related charges. Records indicate she has at least 10 felony interactions with the court dating back 24 years.

The plea deal she took on Wednesday also included a 25-year suspended imposition of sentence and she was given credit for jail time served for her arrest dating back to the 2022 drug bust.

Sayvongsa awaits transfer to the ADC at the SCADC.

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