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"Who Killed Missy Witt" documentary team launching new state-wide effort for information in October

December 1, 2020 will mark the 26th anniversary of the abduction and murder of Melissa Witt.

Melissa Witt disappeared from the parking lot of Bowling World in Fort Smith, Arkansas on the evening of December 1, 1994. Her nude body was recovered in the Ozark National Forest roughly six weeks later on January 13, 1995.

Melissa's murder has never been solved.

Five years ago, a team of investigators launched a project entitled "Who Killed Missy Witt" in an attempt to find justice for the Fort Smith teen.

Over the course of the past five years, their small team has diligently worked to complete a book and a documentary -- both which will be released in January of 2021.

The team also launched witt.  

According to LaDonna Humphrey, founder of the project, "The Facebook page alone has received just over 9.7 million visits in the past five years. That doesn't even count the reach we have had through our website,"

Beginning October 1, this small group of passionate team members, will launch a state-wide effort to bring in new information in the Melissa Witt case.

According to Humphrey, their efforts will include posters, mail outs, billboards, and more.

"We want to engage the community on every level possible," explains Humphrey.

"If you have information, pictures, videos, news clippings -- anything at all -- we ask that you share that information with our team.  Every piece of information, regardless of how small you think it is, will make a difference," says Humphrey.

For more information about the 'Who Killed Missy Witt' project, visit: or, or call 1-800-440-1922.

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