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  • Dennis McCaslin

Who killed Melissa Witt? The case for and against Charles Ray Vines

Over the years, there has been much discussion about the serial killer, Charles Ray Vines and his possible connection to the Melissa Witt murder. (Warning the information below is graphic and disturbing.)

Charles Ray Vines admitted to raping and murdering elderly women — including one he’d known nearly his entire life. And his fetish went beyond the elderly.

An officer recalled interviewing Vines. “I said, ‘Do you like having sex with dead women?’ He said, ‘Oh, yeah. That’s my favorite kind of sex. That’s what I fantasize about.’”

Vines had a clear preference: elderly women and necrophilia (sex with the dead).

When Vines was finally brought to justice, it was after he was caught inside a 16-year-old girl’s home brutally beating and attempting to rape her. Because of the age of this victim, many have concluded that Vines could also be Melissa Witt's killer.

First and foremost, Melissa Witt was not beaten prior to her death. She did have a wound from being struck in the head at the bowling alley, but beyond that, her autopsy did not conclude she was beaten to death - or beaten at all.

Second, according to J.C. Rider, the original Detective assigned to Melissa Witt's case, an FBI Profiler concluded that Charles Ray Vines was NOT the murderer of Melissa Witt.

Additionally, Vines, even after being sentenced to consecutive life sentences, denied his involvement in the Witt case. Furthermore, Vines was extensively interviewed by law enforcement, including by J.C. Rider, and due to those interviews along with the FBI assessment (and the fact there was no evidence that pointed to Vines involvement), he was ruled out as a suspect.

Before his death, Charles Ray Vines communicated with our team via letters and we will share those letters with the public in the coming days and weeks. Could the Lead Detective, an FBI Profiler, Vines denial of the crime, and the lack of evidence be wrong?

Could Charles Ray Vines be the one responsible for the murder of Melissa Witt? Remember, anything is possible, but not everything is probable.

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