• Dennis McCaslin

What's the over/under on this guy being back on the streets despite twelve year sentence?

A Barling man who has amassed a staggering number of felonies since 2003 was sentenced last week to 12 years in prison with 15 years suspended after a negotiated plea deal on felony Robbery Charges in Sebastian County 12th Circuit Court.

Anthony Christopher Duckerson,37, who has at least ten felony convictions in the past thirteen years, was sentenced for a December 2020 robbery of a local Jam Mart. Part of the sentencing involved an enhanced sentence as a habitual offender.

To show how impaired our justice system really is, since a 2003 conviction for Forgery, Dunkerson has been sentenced to a total of 336 months of concurrent time in the intervening years. He has had a similar amount of sentences suspended and/or dimissed and has been back on the streets within a few years of receiving 120 and 72 month sentences for different crimes.

The bulk of those convtions came in Sebastian County.

In addition, he has been arrested for Contributing to the Deliquency of a Minor, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Trasnferring Sotlen Property to a Pawn Shop Owner, and Absconding and Revocation of Probation (twice each) since Jue of 2019.

So ya'll kep handing out those second chances. They seem to be working so well.

When he gets out he's banned from Jam Mart. So I guess there's that.

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