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Vehicle thefts in Logan County leads to arrest of Paris man on multipe felony charges

On Saturday, Logan County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Jay Crosby responded to a call of a one-vehicle accident at Union and Kalamazoo Roads northeast of Paris. The driver had left the scene and Sgt. Crosby determined that the truck was recently stolen.

A man who lives near the accident scene said he gave a man a ride to Paris who had a busted-up mouth. Sgt. Crosby and a Paris police officer then to the apartments where the man was dropped off at and found Maxwell Reynolds, 33, of Paris, out in the woods near the apartments.

He had a busted-up mouth. He also had warrants and was arrested. Several sets of keys were found in his pocket and one set belonged to the wrecked truck at Union and Kalamazoo Roads.

During this time, Sgt. Crosby also received dispatched calls of some stolen vehicles in the Patterson Bluff Road area west of Scranton.

Through Sgt. Crosby's investigation, it is alleged that the following happened. Maxwell borrowed a friend's truck and was in the Patterson Bluff area when the truck broke down and Maxwell parked down a driveway. It appears that he walked down the driveway to a house and took two gas cans, a chainsaw, and a set of jumper cables from a shed.

He then took a car from the house and drove it down the driveway to where the truck was parked. There is a bridge on the driveway and the car went off the bridge and got stuck. He then took an SUV from the residence and drove it down to the truck and then tried and failed to remove the battery from the SUV.

A set of keys that Maxwell had in his possession when he was arrested fit the SUV. He then went to a neighboring property and stole a truck and drove through two barbed wire fences.

He then wrecked that truck at Union and Kalamazoo Roads, fled the scene, and was later arrested and transported to the Logan County Detention Center. Maxwell was originally booked in on felony failure to appear and failure to pay warrants.

We anticipate that he will face charges of Theft of a Motor Vehicle (x3), Theft of Property, Breaking or Entering (x4), Criminal Mischief in the First Degree, Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Property Damage, Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign, and Reckless Driving.

He also has a Parole hold.

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