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Update: Sources indicate murder suspect may have stalked another eastern Arkansas woman

Today in Fort Smith has an update in the case of Sydney Sutherland, a 25-year-old woman who disappeared while jogging who was found murdered near her home in eastern Arkansas.

Police said the body of Sydney Sutherland was discovered in Newport on Friday, following a three-day search operation using K-9 units and helicopter crews.  

According to online jail records, 28-year-old Quake Lewellyn has been charged with one count of capital murder in connection to the murder of Sydney Sutherland.

Lewellyn, according to police, is a farmer from Jonesboro and was known to the victim, but the nature of their relationship is unclear. The Lewellyn family-owned farm was named the Jackson County Farm Family of the Year operation in 2016.

Yesterday, Today in Fort Smith broke that story that Quake Lewellyn was a member of the Sydney Sutherland Missing Arkansas Facebook page.

Lewellyn also showed up to help search for Sutherland when she was originally reported as missing.

In addition, another woman, Brooke Lairson Allensworth, missing from Oil Trough Arkansas since July of 2018, has been brought to the attention of law enforcement in connection with Quake Lewellyn.

Sources tell us that Lewellyn “has and will continue to be” questioned in Allensworth’s disappearance until we are “satisfied”.

Meanwhile, an investigative reporter for Today in Fort Smith has made contact with a source who has this to say about Quake Lewelyn:

“He (Quake) used to follow my friend -- stalk her – and try to get her to acknowledge him. She was very uncomfortable around him.”

To protect the woman who claims to have been stalked by Lewellyn, her name and location will not be

disclosed at this time.

Our staff has been in touch with a friend of the woman making those claims.

If you have information about Quake Lewellyn, please contact Today in Fort Smith by calling 479-461-0126 or by PM’s. Our staff will keep all sources confidential.

A Facebook Group has also been created to discuss Quake Lewellyn. It can be found here:

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