• Dennis McCaslin

Two felony counts sends Fort Smith woman to prison for six years

A 25-year-old Fort Smith woman with a number of felony convictions ranging back to 2016 was setenced to six years in prison with an additional nine years suspended on Finacial Identity Fraud and Possession of Methamphetaline charges, according to information from Sebastian County Crcuit Court.

Jasmine Elizabeth Molina entered a guilty plea on a plea agreement in open cpourt on Thiursday. In addition to the above senetences, she also recev iong a year on Parole Violations to run concurrently with the imposed penalty.

There are also numerous past arrests for Failure to Appear and Contempt of Court.

Molina also will face restitution charges at $60 per month once she is released from prison.

She was fiound guilty in 2016 on Delivery of Methamphetamine and, in a separate case, Possession of a Controlled Substance and Furnishing Prohibited Items.

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