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Two dead after suspected murder/suicide in Logan County around noon on Monday

George Poole was the victim in today's shooting at the Paris Sonic.

According to information from the Arkansas State Police, a 22-year-old employee of the Paris Sonic was shot and killed at the fast food restaurant just before noon today and a second man, suspected to be his killer, took his own life after being confronted by law enforcement.

Police say George Poole was pronounced dead at the scene. Shortly after, 20-year-old Joshua Malagon was located inside a vehicle approximately five mles from the initial shooting. Police had identified Malagon as the shooter in the earlier incident and ordered him to get out of the vehicle.

Police heard one shot from inside the vehicle. After officers on the scene attempted to render aid Malagon was transported to a local hospital where we was pronounced dead.

Early indications from law enforcement are the shootings are being investigated as a murder/suicide.

There was some confusion surrounding a post by Logan County officials saying a suspect had been takn into custory but someone released that erroneous info at the time deputies intially made contact with Malagon on Kalmazoo Road.

It appears from social media posts that Poole was a Paris High School graduate and particpated in various Eagle sports programs. Arkansas State Police investigators have taken the lead in the investigation of the incidents and will present their information to the Logan County Prosecutors Office upon completition.

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