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Trio of sister are hoping public can help them in search for long lost brother

For thirty years, three area sisters have been looking for a brother that their mother gave up for adoption three decades ago, They have hired private investigators and spent countless dollars and hours searching for their sibling and have now reached a virtual stop sign in their efforts.

The baby, in question, a white male, was born on September 25, 1976 to Kenneth and Margie (Ellenberger) Jones at St. Edwards Mercy Medical Center.

"We've been in search of our brother since 1989. We have driven every road possible; both literally and metaphorically. Any and all research has left us at a dead end" reads a plea from the sisters. . "DNA, television production crews, private investigators, and MANY MANY hours of good old fashioned detective work have lead us absolutely nowhere. This is our last effort. We know it's a slim chance but someone, somewhere, HAS to know him.  No matter where you live, who you are, or how you came across this story, please share it. Less than one minute of your day could make our last 30 years of hard work, tears, and heartache all worth the wait.  One more "like" and one more "share" could be the most meaningful thing you've done for someone today! Thank you for reading and especially to those who are trying to help."  ~3 Hopeful Sisters~ Heather, Hillery, & Whitney"

If you have any information that might help these sister reunite with their brother you can pass it on to Today in Fort Smith through personal message or email

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