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TIFS reader takes pictures of object flying near airport in Fort Smith

An avid Today in Fort Smith reader contacted us Friday afternoon wanting to share some pictures she had taken earlier in the day.

The reader, who wished to remain anonymous, was traveling with a companion down Phoenix Avenue at just after 1:30 p.m. They had just left the area near Aldi's and was headed southeast on Phoenix Avenue when they noticed an item in the sky.

The witness said that the item appeared to be to their southwest flying above the area near the Fort Smith Municipal Airport. According to the witness, there was no evident signs of propulsion coming from the object and it had no markings, at least as far as they could tell from the angle they had on what they described as a "craft".

In a number of the photos you can clearly see the object without any enhancement or indicators while in others the image is not quite as clear. We gave circled the oblect in those photos. (See photos below.)

Given the fact that there is new activity in and around the airport based upon the new missions that have been coming to Fort smith, one might assume it has something to do with the military.

If anyone else has seen a similar item in or near the airport property, or if you've seen anything that resembles this item anywhere around our region, please contact us through our Facebook messenger.

Otherwise you can call us at 479-461-0126.

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