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TIFS Investigative Series: The story (and name) that just won't go away...

Nathan Bar-Jonah

Despite outlandish claims on social media that can sometimes lapse into illogical conspiracy theories, organized pedophile rings do exist.

Right here in Arkansas. Right here in the River Valley.

In 1995, Nathaniel Bar-Jonah, born David Paul Brown, was a convicted felon and alleged cannibal came to Arkansas on “business.”

Bar-Jonah was a card-carrying member of NAMBLA -- the National Man Boy Love Association. The majority of NAMBLA members are men that prefer young boys; however, many of their members have a preference for little girls. Other NAMBLA members are considered “cross-overs” -- pedophiles that willingly molest and rape any child, boy or girl.

They have no preference.

Morgan Nick

Why is this important?

There has been speculation for years that the Morgan Nick abduction is a huge cover-up. In our research, we have talked to half a dozen or more people who believe that Morgan Nick was abducted by a pedophile ring.

The following information is from a source that has asked to remain anonymous:

“The person who abducted Morgan (or had it done) was involved with a nationwide child pornography/prostitution ring and in the federal witness protection program at the same time (with the apparent blessing of the government).

One of the men who was said to be involved in this pedophile ring was a man named Gerald “Doc” Tomaszewski.

Tomaszewski, now a convicted sex offender for abusing a young boy, was living in Harrison at the time. Our sources tell us that Tomazsewski, a card-carrying member of NAMBLA, like Bar-Jonah, was also looked at in the Morgan Nick abduction. My sources also explained that there were/are high level government officials involved in this pedophile ring. After Morgan was abducted, some people (me included) got a little too close to the truth and we were basically told to mind our own business ….or else.

I fought the good fight, but the night that a sniper took a shot at me in my car on a rural Crawford County road and I found a note on my windshield the next morning that said ‘We won’t miss next time’, I kinda figured I was waging a war I probably wasn’t going to win. My investigation also put me into contact with a female FBI agent working out of the Harrison area and she and I spent several hours talking on the phone with me sharing what I had discovered about the case. There are a number of details that I could go into. It’s sufficient to say that authorities at one time were OFFICIALLY investigated the matter along the same lines I was pursuing. But I apparently started getting too close to some people who were involved in the situation at a high level and who held some sway circumspect to the situation.

The agent I was working with called me one day and said she had been ordered to have no more contact with me. No explanation, no reason other than a nervous laugh and the statement that "you may be getting too close to the essence of the case.”

Gerald “Doc” Thomaszewski has been--at the very least--a person of interest in the Morgan Nick case for the past 23-years that we are aware of. That fact is undeniable and has been confirmed to this reporter by two sources, one of which was a law enforcement agency.

Before today, I have never publicly linked Tomaszewski’s name to the Morgan Nick case, yet a few years back he emailed this reporter out of the blue denying any involvement but revealing two names of people he said that KNEW who had taken Morgan.

Someone had to tell him I was researching him. But who? And why?

I took all of that information to the police which resulted in me being interrogated because I knew “a lot” about the case that apparently I shouldn’t have known. I was also shown a stack of files about a foot and a half tall that law enforcement agency had on Gerald Tomaszewski.

Tomaszewski, who was convicted for Carnal Abuse of a male between the ages of 8-12 decades ago in Boone County, Arkansas and is a registered sex offender in Missouri, landed back on our radar today when we discovered that he was currently incarcerated in Reynolds County, Missouri...except he isn’t.

A call to the Reynolds County Detention Center in Centerville, Missouri today, including a ten minute wait on hold, revealed that not only was Tomaszewski not an inmate there, he had never been incarcerated in that county. (Click the graphic to the left to source where we got this information). That's pretty baffling.

That information echoed a similar experience years ago when I was told Tomaszewski was in prison in another state by a former inmate of that prison, but when I called that prison, they "had never heard of Gerald Tomaszewski".

And to this day, I don’t know why that former prisoner who contacted me even knew who I was.

Or why I would even be interested in Gerald Tomaszewski in the first place.

Whether you believe the source I quoted above or you believe me, it doesn’t really matter. I had distanced myself from this entire affair years ago, after death threats, and had vowed because of the pleading of my family to let it go.

But his name keeps coming up.

The only reason I am opening up about all of this today is that I am tired. I’m tired of the weird phone calls, the cryptic messages and the fact that people keep associating me with this guy. Who may or may not have something to do with the abduction. And may or may not have scared a Boone County resident so bad in 1998 that he moved to Mexico.

Or contacted me out of the clear blue decades after the abduction to deny being involved in a crime I never publicly accused him of.

So do what you will with this information.

As of August 5, 2020, Today in Fort Smith has confirmed through four separate ‘official’ sources that a pedophile ring, presumably dating back to the 90’s, is alive and well.

Right here in the River Valley.

Today in Fort Smith is dedicated to continue covering this story and others like it until every last “ring” member is revealed.

If you have information about the River Valley pedophile ring, Gerald “Doc” Tomaszewski, Nathaniel Bar-Jonah, or others who may be involved, please contact Today in Fort Smith.

The identities of our sources will never be revealed.

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