• Dennis McCaslin

Thursday morning Fort Smith murder suspect arrested in Poteau

At approximately 6:15 am Thursday Fort Smith Police responded to a shooting call at an apartment in the 1700 block of Brazil Ave.

Jessica Chavez

Upon arrival, officers located 32-year-old victim Jessica Ann Chavez in her bedroom. She was pronounced dead at the scene. The FSPD Criminal Investigations Division responded.

After a thorough investigation, Detectives were able to identify 24-year-old Ervin Eduardo Nafate Ruiz as the suspect and obtained an arrest warrant for Murder 1st Degree.

He was apprehended for Murder First degree by the Poteau Police Department after the FSPD Communications Unit disseminated his information to other area law enforcement agencies.

Chavez had an arrest in February of 2020 on Possession of Meth/Cocaine and Drug Paraphenalia and worked out a plea deal with the Prosecuting Attorney that saw her receive a ten-year suspended sentenced on both charges.

As of this posting Ruiz is awaiting transfer to the Sebastin County Detention Center.

A quick backgroud check on Ruiz shows no porevious felony convictions.

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