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The Bottom Line: I'm not going to Connecticut after all...but it's not my fault

Updated: Sep 23

For those of you who have been involved in or have been following the drama for the past 19 months, I want to go ahead and clarify something before the inevitable s*** hits the fan about the situation of me and my tormentor going on a nationally syndicated talk show. When all of this first started, a producer called me from the show after speaking with my tormentor and getting her side of the story. From the beginning they were hell bent to bring me on the show and try to discredit me in front of a national audience without having ever even looked at any evidence. They had already decided that I was this horrible person that had done all these horrible things and that they needed to get me on national TV and make an example out of me. Problem is once I readily agreed to come out there and furnished them with everything they asked for the tide started to turn. The question of me taking a polygraph was never a question at all. I have begged my tormentor publicly at least half a dozen times to take a polygraph exam and I would take one as well and let's see what the results come up. I think the last excuse for refusing to do that from her was that "I'm not a criminal, he is. Why should I have to take a lie detector test?" Once the producers realized that there was some gaps in my tormentors' accusations and that I am level-headed and wouldn't make a very good guest on their show because I refused to rant and rave at my accuser, they started having second thoughts. Plus, I sent them mounds of documentation and evidence which absolutely proves that her continuing accusations, lies, slander, and defamation is exactly that. So the original producer that contacted me let me know yesterday that they have decided not to go forward with the show. I'm fine with that either way, because the whole thing was a no-win situation for me from the start. Had we gone on the show and she been humiliated the way she would have been humiliated when the truth came out about the polygraph exams, the next claim would be that I bribed them, or that I exercised some of this magical control I have over everybody in the world that won't come and arrest me for the b******* she's made up. Although taking three days and flying to Connecticut to do the show would have been another intrusion on my life caused by this person, I readily agreed to appear on the show. Because if I hadn't, then the claim would have been that I was afraid to go out there and take the polygraph exam.

So I was damned if I do and damned if I don't. Also, because they called me and dragged me into this whole situation, I asked the producers to issue a statement saying that I had cooperated fully, that I had expressed my agreement to fly out and do the show, and the cancellation of our appearance on the show had nothing to do with me. As recently as yesterday, my tormentor publicly stated that all she wants is for me to "quit speaking on her" . About a month ago my attorney sent her a letter telling her that I would be willing to sign an agreement that I would never post, publish, or say another word about her if she would just leave me and my family alone. Her response was essentially a big "f*** you". And that offer, which I was never comfortable with in the first place, has been withdrawn.

The screenshot posted with this is the last text that I got from the producers. It clearly says that they told her that her evidence "carried little weight". In other words, they looked at her evidence and they talked to me and looked at my documentation and figured out who was telling the truth.

Plus, they ran criminal background checks on both of us. That's a head-up competition that I'm going to win every time.

I was told by one of the producers that not only her evidence wasn't sufficient for them to proceed with the show, but there were other issues involved as well. Those issues are pretty much the same thing that I've been saying for the last 19 months. What pisses me off about this whole thing is it when they thought I was the bad guy they were more than willing to drag my old ass all the way to Connecticut to try and humiliate me in front of a national audience. Once they figured out that just maybe the whole thing was nonsense from the beginning, and there were issues, that it wasn't such a good potential show anymore. It's that #metoo crap. Putting me on the show and having revealed to the world that I'm not the bad guy in this situation wasn't the scenario they envisioned or propped up their agenda for inviting us on the show in the first place. So we are back to square one.

There have been delays because my attorney was involved in some other trials, and then he had some personal things that he had to take care of. We fully intended start our lawsuit on September the 5th. Also, the potential of me going out and doing this nationally syndicated talk show, also gave us a moment of pause. As soon as my attorney and I can get on the same page timewise we will be following through with our announced litigation. I know that some of you are sick of all this stuff as I I also know that there are dozens of you out there that has suffered pretty much the same nonsense on a much smaller scale. When people call me and tell me they almost lost a job because "someone" they had an online confrontation with called their job and accused the person of drug abuse, I just shake my head. And all because someone went on my Facebook page and liked something I posted. Dozens of people have been harassed, and had their personal information posted on a fake news page that is really nothing more than an instrument of hatred and delusion created for just that reason.

That's a horrible situation, and it would take a horrible person to do something like that. While I have sympathy for everyone that has gotten caught up in this net, they all can take their scenario and their situation and multiply it by 50 and that's about what my family and I have been through. I will publicly say what the producers of the syndicated talk show refuse to say in public. Mental health is a very serious issue in this country. People who need the help the most are usually those that resist getting any kind of help. Despite everything that has been done and said, I told the producers that in the end I felt sorry for and had sympathy for my tormentor's state of mind. With being a delusional narcissist she will never admit to all of her deceptions, and, without professional help, she'll never change. So here we are. I agreed to go on the show. I had my doctor write me out a statement that said I was healthy enough to go on the show. I answered every question they asked me. I sent them every bit of documentation and information that I had. So the cancellation of my appearance on the show is not on me. Take that for what it's worth.

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