• Dennis McCaslin

Tales of the US Marshals - Thomas Young- August 12, 1882

On Saturday, August 12, 1882, Deputy Marshal James G. Farr and his posseman, Thomas Young, arrested a man named Robert Love aka Robert Jones on a murder warrant for the murder of a Dr. Bailey at Lake West in the Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.

As Posseman Young was walking Love to his horse, John S. Lennox and G. G. Randell, Love’s brother-in-laws attacked Young, shot him eight times and freed Love.

 Young was treated for his wounds and for a while it appeared he might survive but he died from his wounds on Friday, August 25th. Robert Love committed suicide several days after Young died.

Randell was later arrested and tried but the trial ended in a hung jury and apparently he was not retried.

Lennox would go on to kill Deputy U. S. Marshal Dave Layman on April 10, 1883.

Lennox was finally arrested almost twelve years later in September of 1894, tried only for the murder of Deputy Layman for which he was found not guilty.

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