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Tales of the U.S. Marshals: James C. Bourland - May 22, 1906

James C. Bourland, Deputy U.S. Marshal

Deputy Sheriff U.S. Marshals/Caddo County Sheriff's Office

There had been hard feelings between Deputy Bourland and William Wesley “Fred” Hudson for some time.

The afternoon of May 22, 1906, Bourland had arrested Hudson for carrying a gun. The next time they saw each was in Robinson’s Saloon in Anadarko at 1 A.M. the morning of May 23.

No words were spoken but both men immediately went for their guns. Deputy Bourland was shot in the stomach while Hudson was shot in both thighs.

Bourland was operated on and three feet of intestines that were pierced in multiple places by bullet fragments, were removed. Bourland died at 6:30 A.M. on May 24 at the age of 36.

Doctors also amputated one of Hudson’s legs and he died the day after Bourland.

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