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Suspect in May 20 pursuit in central Arkansas faces multiple drug and other felony charges (video)

A suspect with outstanding warrants was taken into custody May 20, 2023, after fleeing from Troopers and endangering the public by driving at speeds of up to 120 mph through heavy central Arkansas weekend traffic.

"Our top priority is protecting the lives of Arkansans," said Arkansas State Police Colonel Mike Hagar. "Our families and loved ones deserve to be able to travel safely on a Saturday afternoon. I thank God for protecting innocent citizens and our Troopers during this incident."

No motorists were injured as the suspect fled from Troopers on I-40 in North Little Rock, I-30 in Little Rock, Springer Avenue and Roosevelt Road.

The suspect in this pursuit, Christopher Monroe, 42, of Little Rock, had a felony fleeing warrant out of Rockwall County, Texas, and a felony narcotics violation warrant out of Sherwood. Before the May 20 pursuit and within the past month, Monroe had been involved in high-speed pursuits with Rockwall County Sheriff's Office; Sherwood Police Department; and ASP Troops E and A. He was charged in the Eastern District of Arkansas by the Drug Enforcement Administration, Little Rock Office. Charges include: - Trafficking fentanyl and cocaine - Possession of schedule 1 narcotics* - Possession of methamphetamine* - Felony fleeing - Simultaneous possession of drugs and a firearm - Aggravated assault of law enforcement - Criminal mischief

* with purpose to deliver

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Jan 16

Anybody should have the brains not try to outrun the Asp . These men are like a hungry dog going after a bone . My hats off to these Brave Officers. One may get away once in awhile but these guys don’t fool around .

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