• Dennis McCaslin

Springdale sex offender faces revocation of parole after registry violation

A Springdale sex offender remains in custody at the Washington County Detention Center after his arrest on Monday for failing to meet the requirements of the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry.

Thirty-three year-old Robert Shane Knight, whose booking in formation indicates an address in the 400 block of Ewalt Street in Springdale is being held on a $2500 bond on the sex change and a no-bond hold for a Probation Violation as well as undisclosed traffic violations.

there is no searchable record for Knight on the Arkansas Court Connection website, and on all of the sites for sex offenders he is listed with the Ewalt Street address. That indicates he either has moved from that address or that his new address given after his most current arrest.

His sex offender registry information indicates he was arrested and convicted of Sexual Assault in the Second Degree, which usually indicates sexual activity with a minor under the age of fourteen.

His court date on the failing to register charge has been set for July 21.

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