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Spiro man with history of felonious behavior brought from prison just to be sent back after plea

A 57-year-old Spiro many who has been committing felonies in Arkansas since at least 1998 was brought from prison to be sent back to prison with more time stacked on his existing sentences.

Herbert Alford Chambers was sentenced to six years each on three felonies in addition to nine years suspended on each of those charges . Chambers, whose trouble with the law has been mainly drug-related, absconding, failure to appear and parole violations.

He was arrested in June for a Felony Failure t Appear on a 2021 drug arrest for methamphetamine possession, which triggered a petition to revoke and sent back him to the ADC,

He was sentenced Thursday as a habitual offender pm the drug and failure to appear plea deal in Sebastian County Circuit Court..

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