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Skeletal remains located in Drew County sent to the State Crime Lab for identification

Human skeletal remains located Friday in extreme southeast Arkansas have been sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for identification according to officials in DRew County.

Police report the remains were located by a local hunter in a wooded area that he frequently hunts.

Officers said the caller found the remains Monday along a shooting lane in a wooded area where he hunts. The the remains were "weathered and appeared to have been there for an extended period of time, possibly even years" according to Drew County Sheriff Mark Grober.

Grober said CID officers with Drew County secured the scene and took photographs before the remains were transported to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for identification testing, They declined to speculate on the possible identity of the remains.

Monticello is the county seta if Drew County. In addition to a number of persons missing from the area, at least two adults have gone missing from Monticello since 201 according to the Arkansas Attorney General's Office.

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