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Sixteen-year-old in custody in conjunction with Sunday gunshot death east of Magazine

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office 911 dispatch center received a call on Sunday that a woman had been shot and was deceased at a house on East State Highway 10 east of Magazine.

Deputies from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office and a Logan County E.M.S. ambulance arrived and found Julia Frost, 45, deceased from apparent gunshot wounds inside the house. She is a resident of the house.

Logan County Sheriff’s Office investigators investigated the scene with the assistance of a special agent from the Arkansas State Police. Our investigators arrested a sixteen-year-old male on anticipated murder charges and due to his age, he is being held at a juvenile detention center.

The Logan County Coroner’s Office took possession of the victim’s body and transported the body to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory.

A handgun that is believed to have been used by the suspect was later recovered in a pond behind the house.

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