• Dennis McCaslin

Six year prison stint was five years in the making on drug charges

A man who avoided authorties for almost five years was sentenced to six years in the state prison system last week on charges related to a 2016 arrest for various drug related charges.

Ramiro Soto Garcia, 26, was arrested on January 20 of this year and charged with various felony and misdemeanor failure to appear charges, contempt and as a fugitive rom another state.

The original charges stemmed from a 2016 arrest for possession of a controlled substancem and paraphernalia and possession of drugs and firearms simultaneously. In the interim, the failure to appear charges as well as a court action in a child support case were added to his docket sheet.

Soto-Garcia took a plea agreement, which also includes an order to pay $60 a month in fees and fines once he is released from prison.

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