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Silence, Secrets, Sects...Church of the Firstborn

Church of the First Born -Tulsa, Oklahoma

Today in Fort Smith is launching a new investigative series entitled Silence, Secrets, and Sects: The Seductive Power of Cults in America.

Our team is currently investigating the Church of the Firstborn, a fundamentalist faith healing sect.

The Church of the Firstborn is located primarily in Oklahoma and Colorado, but members can be found in Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, and South Carolina.

This sect is notorious for rejecting medical treatment for its members.

The lack of medical treatment, as you might imagine, has resulted in the death of hundreds upon hundreds of Firstborn members since its inception in the 1800’s.

The Church of the Firstborn doctrine teaches that Firstborn members are the only “chosen” people of God.

Church of the Firstborn doctrine nurtures manipulation, misinformation, and breeds immense fear of the world that is “outside” of the sect.

Using the King James version of the Bible, members are taught that they must adhere strictly (and solely) to the church doctrine in order to have a relationship with God.

This idea is reinforced to the membership through prophetic messages and the use of punishment.

Members live in fear of “breaking rules” or going against the doctrine of the Church because they know they could be severely punished.

The punishment used by the Church of the Firstborn is something known as ex-communication, shunning or “rejection.” A rejected or shunned member is forced to leave the sect and sever all ties with their family and friends that remain connected to the church.

Depending on the severity of the offense, a rejected member may never see their family again.

If you or someone you know has had experience with the Church of the Firstborn, please contact our investigative team by visiting facebook.com/silencesecretssects or email us at silencesecretssects@gmail.com.

All information will be kept confidential.

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