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Sequoyah County Sheriff restores sex offender database to website

In another solid move to restore transparency back to the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office, current Sheriff and candidate for the 2020 election Larry Lane and his public information team have redesigned the office's website, including the restoration of the sex offender database.

A feature lost in the previous sheriff's administration, the sex offender database for Sequoyah County is online to keep the public aware of their immediate surroundings to ensure maximum safety for all citizens.


Imagine you were a Sheriff. Imagine having a county full of people who depend on you for safety. Now imagine removing the sex offender database from the Sheriff's Office website. Imagine removing it because your family shows up on the sex offender registry in two states. Now imagine that family member has an outstanding warrant for failure to comply with the sex offender registry [possibly] due to the lack of transparency and accountability to the people.

We're not implying that this scenario ever took place in any certain county, however Sequoyah County's sex offenders are now back online and transparency is restored to the people.

(SLIDESHOW: 70 Offenders)

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