• Dennis McCaslin

Second source from northeast Arkansas details encounters with murder suspect

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Quake Lewellyn, the 28-year-old charged with capital murder, kidnapping and the rape of Sydney Sutherland, continues to make headlines and is the topic of much online conversation and speculation.

Lewellyn became the center of an investigation after Sutherland went missing while jogging on August 19. After a three-day search operation where K-9 units and helicopter crews were used to look for her, Sutherland’s remains were located after Lewellyn confessed.

Today in Fort Smith has been contacted by various sources in regards to Lewellyn, but the letter we received by our staff this afternoon from a female is perhaps the most compelling piece of information received so far:

“Thank you for covering the story about Sydney’s murder and for exposing Quake Lewellyn for who he really is – which is a monster. I know people will complain that I am writing in anonymously and accuse me of being paid or say I am not for real, but the truth is that I am terrified. I am terrified because Quake Lewellyn made my life hell for almost a year. His constant texts, calls, showing up at my work. I think he even followed me. He always knew what I was doing and when it seems. He was so creepy in his advances to me. Commenting on my legs and sometimes my shoulders. For some reason he just stopped bothering me one day. I just thought he was a creepy fat guy. I never dreamed he was a murdering monster. I feel lucky to be alive.”

The source has asked to remain anonymous and Today in Fort Smith honors all requests while also checking out and verifying anyone giving us information, We believe this source to be genuine and sincere.

Today in Fort Smith will follow this case to the conclusion of the trial as part of our statewide coverage for Arkansas.

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