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Sebastian County Prosecutor's Office issues press release on high profile murder case

The arrangement for 15-year-old Connor Castillo, who has been charged in Sebastian County Circuit Court with one county of first degree murder and one county first degree battery, was held Wednesday in Sebastian County Circuit Court.

According to a press release from the Sebastian County Prosecutors Office, Sastillo, who has been implicated in the shooting death of 15-year-old Bailey Smith on December 6, was assigned a $250,000 cash-only bond at the hearing on Wednesday.

The press release said Castillo appeared in court without an attorney and the Public Defender Commission was appointed to represent him. The bench entered a plea of not guilty on behalf ofCastillo.

The case will be set for trial before Judge R. Gunner delay in the Fort Smith District of Sebastian County at a future date to be determined. 

Police say Castillo shot and killed Smith during a fight on December 6 while Smith was trying to protect his girlfriend. A 12-year-old, reported to be the brother of the victim, was also injured by gunfire during the affair.

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