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Sebastian County Prosecutor: FSPD officers justified in October 25 shooting of suspect

Sebastian County Prosecutor Daniel Shue said on Wednesday that officers involved in the shooting of four-time felon and registered sex offender Michael Fairburn at the end of Midland Boulevard last month or justified in their actions based on the investigative report presented by the Arkansas State Police. In a written statement on Wednesday, Shue quoted Arkansas Municipal Code for the use of force by law enforcement officials and said the officers involved were cooperative and.cleared for their part in the incident after an investiftion by the ASP/ According to that report Fort Smith police officers were called on October 25 to a wooded area across the street from Shamrock Liquor Store in Fort Smith. Officers discovered the suspect, Michael Fairburn, had a felony warrant out of Indiana and attempted to arrest him.. Officer's Tucker Romesburg, Arthur Lewis, and Caleb Jenkins were all on the scene and all had body cameras operating during the incident. The officers made contact with Fairbaum, who was brandishing a knife and saying he was going to kill the officers. At one point he threw a knife with his right hand that struck officer Lewis in the leg and at that point the other officers decided to use deadly force in the situation. The incident, which occurred in the 5200 block of Midland boulevard, say Fairbaum tried to elude the officers. Fairbaum yelled at the officers and told them to "kill me" . He also wielded a machete during the incident. He had been involved\d in a numer of incidents that led officers to believe he was a threat to them and the public prior to the day of the shooting.

"I could just as easily be writing a letter to the family of [the officers] regarding their homicide as I am trying to evaluate the use of force by an officer to defend himself against one of our citizens." Shue said in the letter.

Fairbaum surived the shooting, according to police.

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