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"Scoop and run" bandits hit Dillards store in Central Mall for $3000 worth of merchandise

The Fort Smith Police Department was contacted by Dillard’s employees on Saturday afternoon in reference to what was initially presumed to be a vehicle theft but turned into a loss of $3000 in merchandise to a gang of "grab and go" thieves.

An employee informed police that approximately seven individuals (a mixture of males and females) were checking door handles and had gained access to both a red passenger car of unknown make as well as a tan Chevy truck and had driven off.

The employee stated she witnessed them carrying a lot of clothing. Other Dillard’s employees informed FSPD there were approximately 10 individuals, all but one wearing a facemask, who entered the store and grabbed approximately $3,000 worth of clothing before fleeing the store on foot.

One of the individuals tripped and dropped an armload, but managed to escape in one of the aforementioned two vehicles.

Before law enforcement arrival, the suspects made it onto I-540.

Arkansas State State Police were contacted, but at this time, it is unknown if any contact has been made by that agency.

The incident is still under investigation.

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