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Roland woman with consistent recent arrest history hit with 18-year sentence for drug activities

Nine felony drug arrests since 2021 spread out over four separate incidents has resulted in a 39-year-old Roland woman being sentenced to a dozen years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections.

Julia Kimberly Flodeen, whose last known address with the courts was question in the 800 block of Taylor drive in Roland, received the sentence after a plea deal in open court on Wednesday in Sebastian County Circuit Court..

Flodeen's most recent arrest came on February 8 of this year when she was arrested for possession of methamphetamine that occurred on February 15. Previously she had been arrested in September of 2022 for delivery of scheduled I/II controlled substances, petition to revoke, and failure to pay fines/willfull contempt.

Before that, she had a 2021 petition to revoke and contempt arrest stemming from a march arrest in the same year for a conglomeration of drug and paraphernalia violations.

On Wednesday in addition to the 12 years imposed she received another 18 years suspended across all counts.

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