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Roland bail jumper arrested Monday by Fort Smith Police Department

One of Sequoyah County's favorite (or favored) criminals once again finds himself on the wrong side of the law after an arrest on Monday by the Fort Smith Police Department.

Tanner Cole Lewis of Roland was arrested on a pair of misdemeanor failure to appear charges as well as a contempt of court charge for failing to pay fines by the FSPD on Monday, but he is also being held in the SCDC for being a fugitive from another state, namely Oklahoma.

Lewis, as you may recall, was involved in a Tulsa drug bust earlier in the year involving Jordan Miller. Muller was charged with possession of cocaine and during that June stop, Lewis was found to be in possession of paraphernalia.

As late as August 3 of this year, Lewis had no-showed the court at least four times before receiving a September arraignment date. Records with the Oklahoma State Court Records Network still doesn't show a resolution to that case.

Just a little over a month after that June arrest, Lewis was back in hot water and this time it was closer to home. In early July, Lewis was arrested after a car chase and hit with felony counts for running a road block, endangering others while eluding and knowing receiving or concealing stolen property.

After bonding out of jail for $8000 in July, Lewis failed to appear for a July 26 court hearing and a warrant was issued for his arrest on August 26.

The latest development in that case came in early Septemeber when Lewis wrote this letter to the court:

Apparently, the arrest on Monday was for the warrant Lewis referenced.

Stay tuned for the next saga in the Lewis Tanner Cole flight from justice.

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