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Rogers man dead after Monday morning eighteen-wheeler accident on icy roads in Benton County

The Arkansas State Police has identified the individual who was killed in the fatal traffic accident we first told you about during our weather report on Monday morning.

According to information from an ASP preliminary report, the accident occurred at 4:37 a.m. Monday morning on Guyll Rodge Road near Fire Run Road in the city of Garfield in Benton County.

The report says 60-year-old James Edward Sawyer of Rogers was driving a 2019 Kenworh truck with a flatbed trailer westbound on Guyll Rodge near the intersection with fFi9re Road Road,

The truck slid on the icy road3ways latterly into the right shoulder. When the truck went off the pavement, a 30,000 pound piece of equipment on the flatbed caused the truck to topple onto the passenger side and Sawyer was crushed within the cab.

Sawyer was declared ded at the scene by the Benton County Coroner's Ofice.

Benton County Sheriff's Office Corporal Haskell Smith work the accident and noted that freezing rain and icy spots on the road was a contributiing factor in the accident.

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