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Rogers County man facing life in prison after conviction by jury in 2018 fatal stabbing

Robert Kent Kraft

A Choteau man has been found guilty of a 2018 murder in Oologah, according to Oklahoma District 12 District Attorney Matt Ballard.

Robert Kent Kraft, 33, of Chouteau was found guilty of stabbing Justin Johnson through the heart, killing him almost instantly.

The jury has recommended life in prison. Sentencing will be held at a later date.

One of the victim’s family members testified Johnson always tried to protect weaker people. In this case, witnesses say he was standing up for a woman who was involved with Kraft.

Justin Johnson

After stabbing Johnson, Kraft left the scene and tried to remove blood from some of the rings he was wearing. But one of his rings had fallen off at the crime scene, and his pants were still covered with Johnson’s blood when investigators collected them as part of the investigation.

Kraft claimed self-defense, but an eyewitness stated it was Kraft who started a fight with Johnson in the late-night hours of June 29, 2018. The same witness testified after seeing what he’d done; Kraft told the woman, “you figure it out.”

Kraft has previous felony convictions for assault and battery with a deadly weapon and eluding police.

He’s been in the county jail since the 2018 murder.

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