• Dennis McCaslin

Revocation of parole sending Van Buren man into state prison system with five year sentence

Gary Christopher Barnes

A December 2020 arrest for residential burglary that triggered a Felony Petition to Revoke for a Van Buren man will see him headed to prison with a five year sentence after a plea deal in Sebastian County Circuit Court last week.

The December 4 residential burglary arrest of Gary Christopher Barnes, 35, violated the terms and conditions of his parole for a previous arrest and conviction for Theft by Receiving. He challenged the petition to revoke in court but after hearing testimony the court found he had violated his parole and also hit him with the robbery conviction.

In total, Barnes faced three Petitions to Revoke and was sentenced to five years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections with three years suspended and ordered to pay full restitution for his crime.

According to Sebastian County Circuit Court records, Barnes has had over a dozen felony arrests, mainly for theft charges, since he was first arrest and tried as an adult at age seventeen for Burglary, Theft of Property and Criminal Mischief out of Franklin County.

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