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Report: Child sent to hospital after falling into wastewater tank at Bentonville prep academy

The principal of a Bentonville-based prep school sent out a notice to staff members this afternoon addressing a situation at the school where a child fell into a wastewater tank located beneath the facilities playground and had to be transported to a hospital in unknown condition.

The incident occurred at the Legacy Prep School located at 2003 SW Regional Airport Blvd. in Bentonville

According to the notification, a lid on the wastewater tank came loose and the child "got into the tank".

"The teachers acted quickly and pulled the child out. We have sent the child to the doctor be check out as a precautionary measure", the statement from principal Summer L. Harlow reads.

According to a source, the child was actually transported to an area hospital in unknown condition.

The statement also says that "state licensing, the owner and the building owner" had been notified of the situation and that appropriate action would be taken to "ensure the safety of children".

The notification also declares that "indoor recess" will be held until further notice.

Legacy Prep School is an onsite learning academy for kindergarten preparation. It is owned by Wanda Eash of Bentonville, the mother of accused Medicaid and Identity fraud suspect Anthony Christopher, who has been identified in the past as being involved with the school.

This is a breaking news story and more information will be passed on when it is available.

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