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Ray F. Orr selected for grant to facilitate educational pilot program

Raymond F. Orr Elementary School has been selected to participate in the Inclusive Practices PLC Project for the 2020-2021 school year by the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education - Special Education Unit.

The project will have an intentional focus on inclusive practice to support meaningful access to core instruction for students who are IEP (Individual Education Plan) eligible.

"Receiving this grant will help us continue in the development of our Professional Learning Community (PLC) process with intense support from Solution Tree experts and through collaboration with our Education Cooperative, Guy Fenter. "We will learn how to personalize our education program to meet the needs of all of our students and to use inclusive practices to increase the performance of our students with special needs."

"Through our work, we will become a model school for our state in the area of developing inclusive practices through the PLC process. We will also work closely with our Fort Smith Public Schools Special Education Department to find innovative ways to best serve our students. We are very excited about this collaborative project and the impact this grant will have on all of our students, our staff, our district, and our community!” said Dr. Dawn Childress, Principal, Raymond F. Orr Elementary School.

Selected schools will be matched with a certified Solution Tree associate and receive onsite support as they implement, deepen, and sustain the PLC process with a focus on inclusive practices.

Each school will create action plans that focus on increasing achievement of students with disabilities through aligned curriculum, formative assessment practices, and proven instructional strategies. Selected schools will serve as learning sites for other schools to visit.

Raymond F. Orr Elementary School was selected through a rigorous application and evaluation process, determined by a committee comprised of educational professionals knowledgeable of the Professional Learning Communities at Work process. More information on the Inclusive Practices PLC Project:

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