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Pump replacement project completed for $137,944.84 less that original estimated cost

The City of Fort Smith said on Friday that projects to replace two pump stations has been completed and came in under the projected cost.

Project 19-29-C4 was part of the overall 19-29 project to evaluate and repair sanitary sewer pump stations damaged in the 2019 flood. The is project included Pump Station 20 at Fort Smith Park, adjacent to North 6th St, and Pump Station 21 at South 98th Circle.

Following evaluation, it was determined that both pump stations required complete replacement.

Pump Station 28 and Pump Station 29 were constructed to replace the damaged stations as part of the Construction Management At-Risk Agreement with Van Horn Construction, Inc.

The project was completed with a final cost of $6,067,180.16, which is $137,944.84 less than the original Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).

.The funding for the project was made available through the 2018 Revenue Bond and will be submitted to FEMA for reimbursement.r

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