• Dennis McCaslin

Pope County man held on $500,000 bond in rape of one-year-old child

Caleb Cogburn

A 23-year-old Pope County degenerate is being held on a $500,000 bond on one count of Rape after an arrest Sunday by the Russellville Police Department.

Caleb Alexander Cogburn is behind bars in the Pope County- Detention Center. No official information on the crime has been released at this time, but a source in Pope County says the crime involved a child around the age of one.

According to the same source, Cogburn and two other inviduals, including the child's father, where at an apartment in Russelville. The father and the other individual went outside to clean out a car and Cogburn locked the door of the apartment.

The father retrieved a key, got back into the apartment and found Cogburn and the child nude in the bathroom. Cogburn was in th act of commiting the rape when the father grabbed the child.

The father physically attacked Cogburn before police arrived.

Social media posts from a Pottsville main claiming to be the father of the child seems to corroborate some of that information.

This is a developing story and we will have more information as it is released.

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