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Police make quick arrest after homicide victim discovered in Tulsa RV park on historic Route 66

Law enforcement officials in Tulsa are reporting a homicide after they found a woman dead at an RV park on historic Route 66 on Thursday morning.

Officers with the Tulsa Police department responded to a call at the Mingo RV park near Admiral and North 97th East Avenue around 9 a.m .Thursday morning. A body was discovered when the coworkers of a man who was living in the RV park went to check on him and found the woman dead with "obvious signs of trauma".

The homicide victim has not been identified publicly yet but police tracked the man theythink is responsible to a boat ramp on the west side of Fort Gibson Lake in Wagoner County.

When deputies approached the suspect he got out of his vehicle and stabbed himself in the chest with a knife he was taking into custody, given first aid by the deputies and then turned over to paramedics took him to hospital in a helicopter. The suspect is under police custody at the facility.

Police say that the homicide investigation is still active, and they will identify the victim after the medical examiner releases her name.

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