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Police investigating drive-by shooting incident on Fort Smith's north side from Friday night

The Fort Smith Police Department is investigating a shooting incident that occurred near the intersection of North 23rd and High Street on the extreme north side of Fort Smith Friday night.

According to a release from the Fort Smith Police Department officers responded to the shooting call with no injuries at right around 9:00 p.m. last night. The Fort Smith Police release says the shooting was an isolated incidence with no ongoing threat to the public and that no arrest had been made.

Eyewitness reports to Yoday in Fort Smith said that there were a number of police vehicles that responded to the scene. One witness says they felt like at least twenty shots were fired in an exchange between a car and a truck.

The shooting occurred within 100 yards of a Laotian community festival that was going on at the Laotian temple in the area at the time, but the shooting is not thought to be related.

The attached photograph of the incident was supplied by one of the eyewitnesses who live in the neighborhood. The daylight photo shows broken glass and fluids from one of the vehicles that was still on the street as of Saturday morning.

We have reached out to the Fort Smith Police Department for an incident report and for other details.

This is a developing story we will have more as more information does become available.

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