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Police find no evidence of racism claimed by lawmakers

Two Arkansas lawmakers are in the spotlight after claiming they were discriminated against at a recent event because of the color of their skin.

After the evidence was presented, police didn't buy it.

According to a report, State Representative Vivian Flowers and house candidate Ryan Davis were leaving a political fundraiser in the Capitol View neighborhood when they claimed a man came out of his house and started yelling at them. Police say the man told Flowers and Davis, both black, that they didn't belong in the neighborhood and needed to leave. It was not alleged that he mentioned race or skin color. An argument started after Rep. Flowers yelled back at the man, Nick Castleberry, that they had a right to be there.

It was reported that the lawmakers immediately contacted the police and media in hopes to get a statement from the concerned homeowner. No one responded at the residence of Castleberry.

Police also say a woman named Darlene Herndon came out of her house and allegedly told Flowers and Davis to 'drop dead.'

The lawmakers then claimed to have heard gunshots.

When police arrived, they commanded Flowers and Davis to show their hands, not knowing who fired the shots. Police were unable to determine if a gun was actually fired and did not find any shell casings. They did not make any arrests but advised Flowers and Davis to file a report on Herndon for Terroristic Threatening, to be examined and decided on by the prosecuting attorney.

When asked about the incident, Herndon stated, "We have people coming around all the time that don't belong here."

LRPD and Little Rock mayor Frank Scott Jr. believe police handled the incident correctly.

"I also understand that the police officers did do their jobs based on the information that was given to them," Scott said.

The Democratic Party of Arkansas released a statement that said Flowers and Davis were "targeted and denied fair treatment because of their race."

However, no complaints were reported regarding comments allegedly made about race or skin color.