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Plea in child pornography case sends Fort Smith pervert to prison for 30-years

Joshua Wesley Anderson

A 32-year-old F0rt Smith man was sentenced to 30 years in the Arkansas Department of C0rrections with an additional 20 years suspended after a plea deal on four counts of Distributing, Possessing, or Viewing of a Matter Depicting Sexually Explicit Conduct Involving a Child.

Joshua Wesley Anderson, who lived in the 3700 block of Birnie Avenue when he was arrested, on February 16 of this year and has been free on a @20,000 legally sufficient bond since that time. The court proceeding on Wednesday and the guilty plea sent him back to the Sebastian County Detention Center where he awaits evaluation and placement in the ADC system

Arrested in February 1m he was in and out of the SCADC in less than six hours before he bonded out.

Anderson will be required to register as a sex offender if and when he ever gets out of prison.

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