• Dennis McCaslin

Plea deal on Theft of Property, Revocation charges extends imprisoned felon's ADC stay

A Barling man with a long and convoluted criminal background drew a total of twelve= =years in sentences with an additional nineteen years suspended in Sebastian County Circuit Court on Thursday.

Jesse W. Pyles drew concurrent sentences, meaning his total actual imposed time will be eleven years for felony petitions to revoke and theft of property charges.

Since 2014, Pyles has faced twenty-nine felony counts alone in Sebastian County and been sentenced to dozens of years incarceration. His sentence on Thursday stemmed from a June arrest for Theft by Receiving which trigged the revocations. Since 2014 he has been arrested on drug, firearms, assaultive and theft charges.

He was already in the ADC prison system and had to be returned to Sebastian County for his plea deal sentencing on Thursday.

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