• Dennis McCaslin

Plea deal on incest and aggravated assault charges results in ten-year suspended sentence

Marty Adams

A Fort Smith man drew a ten year imposition of sentence and must register as a sex offender after a plea deal last week in Sebastian County Circuit Court on two felony charges.

Marty Adams, who resides in the 2200 block of South E Street in Fort Smith, faced Incest and Aggravated Assault charges stemming from two different arrests that occurred in July and August last year.

Adams also had picked up a misdemeanor Domestic Battery charge at the end of May last year and was released from th Sebastian County Adult Detention Center five days later on a $1500 bond. One month to the date later, he was arrested for Aggravated Assault on a Family or Household Member - Choke and hed for eight days before a $2500 bail out.

On August 10 was picked up on a charge of Incest/Brother or Sister and also hit with a misdemeanor petition to revoke He was also charged with Contempt/Willful Disobedience for Failure to Pay Fines at that time.

On Wednesday, Adams appear in court with his attorney and pled guilty as charged to the incest and assault charges. In addition to the suspended sentence, Adams will be required to pay a $350 sex offender registration fee as well as a $2500 fibe and $150 in court costs.

In addition, during the court appearance on Wednesday he was cited for contempt of court and given a 30-day jail sentence in the SCADC.

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