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Plea deal on drug-related charges pins two-decade sentence on Fort Smith 37-year-old

A 37-year-old Fort Smith man who racked up 11 felony charges in just over nine months in Sebastian County took a plea deal Wednesday in Sebastian County Circuit Court that saw him sentenced to 20 years in prison with an additional 30 years suspended on possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia as well as resisting arrest charges.

According to court documents posted late Wednesday afternoon, Brian Steven Neese drew the in the morning court session on Wednesday. He has been incarcerated since March on controlled substance and paraphernalia charges resulting from a March 19 arrest. That arrest also triggered a parole violation from previous charges that saw him sent to prison in late July of last year.

Neese also had previous arrests on drug related charges in both Crawford and Pope counties. During the sentencing on Wednesday his 20-year term was set to run concurrently with sentences he already had incurred out of Crawford County.

Neese's sentencing on Wednesday was enhanced with a plus 4-year habitual offender add-on.

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