• Dennis McCaslin

Plea deal on drug charges earns Fort Smith druggie five years in Arkansas Department of Corrections

A Fort Smith man awaits transfer to the Arkansas Department of Corrections after a plea bargain this week on four felony charges brought him five-year sentences with fifteen-years suspended on each count for Possession of Methapmphetamine and five-years with one-year suspended for Delivery of Metmphetamine.

The sentences wil run concurrently, according to information from the Sebastian County Prosecutor's office.

Phillip Wagen Reinschmiedt Jr., 35, was initially arrested November 5, 2019 on the Possession charges and picked up the Delivery charges just under a year later when he was taken in on October 16, 202o by the Sebastian County Sherrif's Office. The cases were combined after winding their way through the court system during the pandemic crisis.

Prior to the drug related incarcerations, Reinschmiedst's previious arrests in Sebastian County had been for breaking and entering and misdemeanor contempt and failure to appear.

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