• Dennis McCaslin

Plea deal on drug and firearm charges leads to lengthy jail stretch for Fort Smith man

A 34-year-old Fort Smith man with a long list of arrests and convictions is headed back into the Arkansas Department of Corrections system after a plea deal on Friday after being sentenced to decades of time as a habitual offender on drugs and firearms charges.

Luke Anthony Willis, whose posted address was in the 2200 block of South X Street in Fort Smith was sentenced to 187 concurrent years in the ADC with another 83 years suspended after a plea conviction on well over a half-dozen felony counts dating back to 2020.

The litany of charges included possession and delivery of controlled substances, various weapon charges and theft of property and theft by receiving counts. totaling seven major crimes, In addition, the habitual offender status was fueled by eighteen other felony arrests on similar charges since 2017.

Willis was also facing numerous petitions to revoke on those charges for which he had been convicted, sentenced and eventually paroled. His latest arrest came in September of 2021 after being released from prison following a six-year sentence in 2019.

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