• Dennis McCaslin

Plea deal leads to three year prison stretch for Van Buren domestic battery violater

A Van Buren man whio had received a six-year suspended impostion of sentence in 2019 on a number of violations--including an arrest for Felony Domestic Battery--had to pay the piper on Thursday when he was sentenced to three years in the Arkansas Deoprtment of Corrections.

Dating back to February of 2018, Henry Ryan Belue was arrested numerous times for six counts of Failure to Appear. Domestic Battery, Contempt and Revocations.

On Thursday, he was sentenced to three years imposed in the ADC with three years suspended on the Domestic Battery charges. He also must make time payments of fines and fees of $60 per month once he is released from prison.

He has been sentenced to decades of Suspended Imposition of Sentence for his various crimes.

Belue will remain in the Sebastian County Detention Center until his transfer to the ADC.

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