• Dennis McCaslin

Plea agreement on drug charges in Franklin County sends 24-year old to prison for ten years

Stephanie Lynn Stacy

A 24-year-old Rogers woman who has been sentenced to decades of imposed sentences since her first felony arrest at age nineteen was given three ten year concurrent sentences and another ten years suspended in Franklin County Circuit Court last week.

Stephanie Lynn Stacy, who has more than a dozen felony convictions, all drug related and dating back to 2019, was given two ten years sentences for Delivery of Meth of Cocaine and another decade for

Possession of Controlled Substances in the Fifth Judicial District proceedings last week in front of Judge William Pearson.

All of her felony convictions have come in the courtroom of the Fifth Judicial District.

Over the past two plus years and prior to last weeks conviction, Stacy has done time for numerous counts of drug and paraphernalia possession and for delivery of meth and cocaine, the latest of which sent her to prison for sixty-six months in June of 2018.

On September 19, s209 she was arrested for the first of the crimes for which she was convicted last week,

Her first arrest as an adult came in 2017 at the age of nineteen when she and a male suspect were arrested at the same time and she was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Those charges were dropped when she agreed to testify against the other party involved.

Stacy had four more felony drug arrests between August 30, 2016 and December 8, 2017 before the 2019 crimes and plea bargain that sent her back into the Arkansas Department of Corrections last week.

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